The Earned Income Tax Credit: Building a Better Way for Filers to Claim

Earned Income Tax Credit overview


Claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit


Audits, Paid Preparers, and the Earned Income Tax Credit

The Column Tax solution

  • Pre-filled returns. By partnering with financial apps, we have an opportunity to ingest data to pre-fill returns. By decreasing the amount of “new” information a tax filer has to enter, we decrease the likelihood of errors that could lead to an audit.
  • Approachable products. Our goal is to help every filer understand and navigate a complex set of requirements. This starts with an intuitive UI and approachable language and fully connects through our e-file engine. We don’t use dark pattern upsells in our filing product. Our aim is to help every tax filer successfully file and maximize their refund in a compliant way.
  • Increased reach. Every year, ~22% of filers eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit do not participate in the program. That means that over a fifth of eligible filers miss out on an average $2,400 a year in credits (Source). There are a number of reasons for this, one if which is reach & access to this population. Many of our partners have built deep relationships with filers in this population which gives a new opportunity to increase awareness.
  • Audit defense. Column Tax Embedded Filing comes with audit defense for all filers. Audits can feel scary. We ensure that all EITC recipients are not alone in the case they receive an audit notice.

Working with us




Column Tax is building the future of income tax APIs

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Column Tax

Column Tax

Column Tax is building the future of income tax APIs

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